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Enfield Battalion Cross Country (Senior)

Key to results:
Companies listed alongside each other indicate a combined team for the competition.
Companies with separate listings but the same placing indicate they were tied.

Note that this competition is currently inactive.

1967 1st Hoddesdon BB
1968 2nd Enfield BB
1969 2nd Enfield BB
1970 2nd Enfield BB
1971 1st Enfield BB
1972 2nd Enfield BB
1973 2nd Enfield BB
1974 1st Enfield BB
1975 7th Enfield BB and 15th Enfield BB
1976 3rd Enfield BB
1977 2nd Enfield BB
1978 3rd Enfield BB
1979 2nd Enfield BB
1980 7th Enfield BB
1991 3rd Enfield BB
2000 10th Enfield BB
2005 1st Enfield BB
2006 1st Enfield BB

Number of wins by Company (based on available records)

7 2nd Enfield BB
4 1st Enfield BB/Amicus
3 3rd Enfield BB
2 7th Enfield BB
1 10th Enfield BB/GA
1 15th Enfield BB
1 1st Hoddesdon BB

Note that these counts include wins that involved associated groups - for example, a listing for 1st Enfield BB/Amicus includes wins for 1st Enfield BB only, 1st Enfield Amicus only and 1st Enfield BB/Amicus as a whole. The counts will be inaccurate where we are currently missing results listings.

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