History - Special Awards

The President's Badge

The President's Badge was introduced in 1968 to go with a new BB award scheme. It is the second highest Award in The Boys' Brigade, with members having to be at least 15 years of age to gain it. Members who do gain it can then begin work on the Queen's Badge.

The requirements for the President's Badge have changed slightly over time, but generally involve a variety of skills based activities, physical recreation, leadership courses and Christian faith development. Below are the members of the 3rd Enfield to gain this award.

(Note: this list may not be 100% complete, as it is compiled using records we have at present, and where years are missing next to names they are currently unknown.)

1976 - Martin Baldwin
April 1977 - Nicholas Baldwin
May 1978 - Michael Over
May 1978 - Robert Tovey
May 1978 - Stephen Hussey
July 1979 - Andrew Mason
May 1982 - Andrew Robinson
May 1982 - Robert Wilson
May 1983 - Roy Foord
May 1983 - Martyn Stogden
May 1983 - Stuart Dicker
May 1984 - Alan Head
May 1984 - Mark Bullock
May 1984 - Michael Parker
May 1984 - Mark Pollard
May 1984 - Darren Ford
May 1984 - Stephen Freer
April 1987 - Stephen Wakeford
April 1987 - Ashley Clarke
October 1998 - Robert Mammen
October 1998 - Adrian Bullock
October 2004 - Tom Boorman
October 2004 - Robert Gardner
April 2009 - Jamie Newport
October 2009 - Sam Rowsell
June 2010 - Christian Collins-O'Connor
May 2016 - Alex Smith
May 2016 - Joseph Pidgeon
May 2016 - Marcus Magona
May 2019 - Ian Acquaye

The King's/Queen's Badge

The King's Badge, as it was originally known, was introduced in 1913 by permission of King George V, with the first ever King's Badge being presented in March 1914. In 1953 the name was changed to the Queen's Badge on the accession of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen's Badge is the highest award in The Boys' Brigade. Currently it can be gained by boys of 16 years of age and over. It involves completing various leadership courses, providing service to the Company/church and community, as well as other activities.

Since the inception of the King's/Queen's Badge, twenty members of the 3rd Enfield have gained the award.

(Note: this list may not be 100% complete, as it is compiled using records we have at present, and where years are missing next to names they are currently unknown.)

Fredrick Charles Slatford
Ernest Charles Wick
1921 - Albert Sidney Wick
1923 - James Edward Frank Greenland Page
1925 - Alfred Henry George Flack
Ernest Leonard Hammett
1928 - George Frank Greenland Page
Harry Lloyd
1931 - Arthur T Greenland Page
1938 - Ronald Purssell
1939 - John Dye
1940 - Maurice Connolly
1940 - Donald Collins
1940 - William Nathan Hutchings
1947 - Peter Dennison
1948 - Ian Dixon
1982 - Stephen Hussey
1982 - Andrew Mason
1985 - Stuart Dicker
2006 - Tom Boorman

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