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Company history for the year 1903

During 1903

3rd Enfield football team 1903-1904.

During 1903

3rd Enfield Colour Party: Unknown boy, Bray, Mr F J Tucker, Bell, unknown boy.

During 1903

Single stick drill with Robert Plowman.

Friday 13th March
New Battalion Colours are presented by Mr Hardman (2nd Enfield).

Thursday 19th March
A concert takes place at Bycullah Athenaeum in aid of Battalion funds for camp, with many interesting songs.

Friday 17th April
Lieutenant Randall leaves Enfield and the 3rd Enfield to live in Ipswich.

Friday 8th May
Major General R S Baden Powell CB occupies the chair at the Royal Albert Hall Display.

Monday 1st June
The annual Whit Monday Inspection and Sports takes place at the Enfield Town Park, including the first inter-Company competition for the Battalion Colours (the Hardman Colours). The Battalion Colours consist of a silk flag with the Union Flag in the corner and the anchor of The Boys' Brigade in the centre, with the name of the Battalion worked on a blue background. The 3rd Enfield wins the competition with 259 points to the 1st Enfield 248 points. The judge for the competition is Major Moffatt. The 3rd also wins the Sports Cup. At this Whit Monday event the wearing of coloured ties is introduced by the Companies. The 1st Enfield has blue ties, the 2nd Enfield has yellow ties and the 3rd Enfield has red ties.

Colonel Somerset at the inspection parade at Enfield Town Park. He lived at the lower site of Enfield Grammar School.

3rd Enfield being presented with the Battalion Colours.

Wednesday 10th June
Annual Sing Song, School Hall, Chase Side: Celebrations of the Colours and Sports Cup victories.

"Plowman's Song"
How the good old 3rd did peg away, buck up red peg away;
The colours they prepared to bear away;
To win them for the 'red';
Cavalry right, they practised every night, double up to the right;
Till with column of sections and marching smart;
The Colours won the good old 3rd.

The Summer Camp is held at Clacton.

Tent inspection on Summer Camp.

Saturday 26th September
The annual Council takes place at Mr Hardman's house. Mr R L Plowman becomes a Lieutenant. During the previous session (October 1902) Mr Norris Storer Toms leaves the 3rd Enfield which he founded, but he still writes newspaper reports on The Boys' Brigade.

Tuesday 3rd November
The Company is featured in the BB Gazette as winners of the Enfield Battalion Colours and the Sports Silver Challenge Cup.

Sunday 22nd November
The annual Church Parade of the 1st and 3rd Enfield Companies takes place at Christ Church Hall.

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