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Company history for the year 1906

During 1906

The 3rd Enfield football team (Lt Chas Chopping is on the left hand side and Lionel Plowman is in the middle behind the football).

3rd Enfield football team.

During 1906

3rd Enfield cricket team with the Battalion Cricket Shield.

Thursday 1st February
The Company is shown in the picture below, from the BB Gazette, outside the headquarters of the United Enfield Companies in Lancaster Road.

Monday 9th April
The 3rd Enfield qualifies for the final round of the new Daily Telegraph Shield competition.

Thursday 10th May
The Company wins the very first Daily Telegraph Shield competition at the Royal Albert Hall Display. Result: 1st - 3rd Enfield (234 1/2), 2nd - 66th London (228). Captain Plowman receives the Shield on behalf of the Company from Sir Iain Hamilton.

The very first Daily Telegraph Shield winners in 1906.

The Company group photograph as the first winners of the Daily Telegraph Shield at the Royal Albert Hall Display.

Article in the Daily Telegraph about the first competition for the Shield that they donated.


A 2nd Enfield discharge certificate that was presented to George Tuley.

Saturday 4th August to Saturday 11th August
Summer Camp is held at Osea Island.

Going to camp.

3rd Enfield group pictures.

3rd Enfield hut.

The journey home.

The parade at Maldon after the ferry journey.

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