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Company history for the year 1978

Tuesday 14th March
The 3rd wins the Battalion Bugle Team competition, but loses the Battalion Bugle Band competition. The 3rd also wins the Battalion Drill competition.

Saturday 18th March
The 1st and 3rd Enfield's Bugle Bands both qualify for the final of the Devonshire Cup at the Royal Albert Hall Display.

Saturday 8th April
The Company easily wins the London District Two Section Drill competition for the second year running.

The Company Display is held.

Friday 12th May
The 3rd Enfield wins the Devonshire Cup in the final against the 1st Enfield by 5 points (188.5 to 183.5), thus reversing the result of 1973. The test piece is Thames Valley. Ted Fairhurst retires as the Bandmaster of the 3rd after this competition, after a career of 17 years with the Bugle Band. The following day the 3rd's Band gives an excellent display apart from one mishap - when drummer Dominic Beech trips and does a complete somersault over his side drum. He just picks himself up an carries on!

From left to right: Phillip Saunders (on cymbals), Andrew Cromar, Andrew Day, Michael Over.

From left to right: Tim Langhorn (drums), Andrew Mason (bass drum), Chris Sanders, John Hayes (bugle), Trevor Fairhurst (bugle).

From left to right: Phillip Saunders (cymbals), Robert Wilson (bugle), Dominic Beech (drums), Andrew Day, Andrew Mason (bass drum, partial view of his head), Tim Langhorn (drums), Chris Sanders, Michael Over.

Presentation of the Devonshire Cup to Michael Over (left) and Trevor Fairhurst (right).

Tim Langhorn (left) and Chris Sanders (right).

Left to right: Andrew Day, Tim Langhorn, Chris Sanders, Michael Over.

Left to right: Colin Wight, Edward Matthews, John Ford, Colin Street.

Andrew Mason on Bass drum.

The 3rd Enfield provides the Guard of Honour on the steps, as winners of the London District Two Section Drill title.

Friday 28th July to Friday 4th August
The Company suffers very wet weather at its Summer Camp at Burton Bradstock, Dorset.

Thursday 31st August
Bernard Barwick stands down as Captain of the 3rd. Mr Terry Silvey (from the 1st Enfield) takes over the Company.

Saturday 11th November
The Remembrance Day Parade takes place.

Sunday 12th November
The combined Enfield BB Bugle Band, as the Star Band 90, takes part in the Enfield Youth Marching Band competition. One 3rd Enfield boy faints just before the band goes out. The Band only wins the Drum Major runners-up award.

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