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Enfield Battalion Cross Country

This competition is currently inactive.

Key to results:
Companies listed alongside each other indicate a combined team for the competition.
Companies with separate listings but the same placing indicate they were tied.
* indicates an incomplete result.

1962 competition - held on Saturday 31st March 1962

Run as a combined all age competition until 1966.

1st: 11th Enfield BB
2nd: 14th Enfield BB
3rd: 1st Enfield BB
4th: 8th Enfield BB
5th: 3rd Enfield BB
6th: 1st Hoddesdon BB
7th: 2nd Enfield BB

1963 competition

1st: 11th Enfield BB (13 points)
2nd: 14th Enfield BB (19 points)
3rd: 1st Enfield BB (32 points)
4th: 8th Enfield BB (44 points)
5th: 3rd Enfield BB (45 points)
6th: 10th Enfield BB (53 points)
7th: 2nd Cheshunt BB

1964 competition - not held

1965 competition - held on Saturday 20th February 1965

1st: 14th Enfield BB (28 points)
2nd: 2nd Cheshunt BB (30 points)
3rd: 8th Enfield BB (45 points)
4th: 1st Enfield BB (60 points)
5th: 1st Hoddesdon BB (66 points)

1966 competition

Last year as a combined all age competition.

1st: 7th Enfield BB (9 points)
2nd: 2nd Enfield BB (18 points)
3rd: 14th Enfield BB (18 points)
4th: 2nd Cheshunt BB (45 points)
5th: 8th Enfield BB

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