Competition results archive

London District Devonshire Cup

First held in 1923.

Key to results:
Companies listed alongside each other indicate a combined team for the competition.
Companies with separate listings but the same placing indicate they were tied.

1923 76th London BB
1924 76th London BB
1925 1st Enfield BB
1926 8th South Essex BB
1927 58th London BB
1928 1st London BB
1929 58th London BB
1930 1st London BB
1931 1st London BB
1932 6th London BB
1933 58th London BB
1934 76th London BB
1935 1st London BB
1936 2nd West Kent BB
1937 76th London BB
1938 6th London BB
1939 58th London BB
1940 58th London BB
1942 62nd London BB
1943 6th London BB
1944 92nd London BB
1945 6th London BB
1946 6th London BB
1947 4th London BB
1948 92nd London BB
1949 6th London BB
1950 21st London BB
1951 1st Slough BB
1952 5th London BB
1953 1st Enfield BB
1954 21st London BB
1955 6th London BB
1956 3rd Enfield BB
1957 127th London BB
1958 7th Mid Surrey BB
1959 1st Ruislip BB
1960 79th London BB
1961 1st Kenton BB
1962 11th East Surrey BB
1963 11th East Surrey BB
1964 11th East Surrey BB
1965 73rd London BB
1966 73rd London BB
1967 73rd London BB
1968 73rd London BB
1969 73rd London BB
1970 73rd London BB
1971 4th London BB
1972 3rd Enfield BB
1973 1st Enfield BB
1974 13th Bromley BB
1975 13th Bromley BB
1976 4th London BB
1977 1st Enfield BB
1978 3rd Enfield BB
1979 3rd Enfield BB
1980 14th West Kent BB
1981 14th West Kent BB
1982 3rd Enfield BB
1983 No competition
1984 4th Sutton BB
1985 4th Sutton BB
1986 5th Mid Surrey BB
1987 5th Mid Surrey BB
1988 11th Kingston and Merton BB
1989 5th Mid Surrey BB
1990 5th Mid Surrey BB
1991 5th Mid Surrey BB
1992 5th Mid Surrey BB
1993 14th West Kent BB
1994 5th Mid Surrey BB
1995 5th Mid Surrey BB
1996 10th Ealing BB
1997 10th Ealing BB
1998 East Zone
1999 East Zone
2000 1st Warley BB/1st Cranham BB/17th Waltham Forest BB
2001 1st Warley BB/1st Cranham BB
2002 1st Warley BB/1st Cranham BB/17th Waltham Forest BB
2003 1st Hillingdon BB/2nd Uxbridge GB
2004 No competition
2005 1st Cranham BB/1st Cranham GB
2006 1st Enfield BB/Amicus/3rd Enfield BB
2007 1st Enfield BB
2008 1st Enfield BB/Amicus/3rd Enfield BB
2009 3rd Bromley BB
2010 10th Ealing BB
2011 10th Ealing BB
2012 No competition
2013 3rd Bromley BB
2014 2nd West Kent BB/14th West Kent BB/GA and 10th Ealing BB
2015 10th Ealing BB
2016 10th Ealing BB
2017 3rd Bromley BB/1st Orpington GB
2018 2nd West Kent BB/14th West Kent BB/GA
2019 2nd West Kent BB/14th West Kent BB/GA

Number of wins by Company (based on available records)

8 5th Mid Surrey BB
7 10th Ealing BB
7 1st Enfield BB/Amicus
7 3rd Enfield BB
7 6th London BB
6 14th West Kent BB/GA
6 73rd London BB
5 58th London BB
4 1st Cranham BB
4 1st London BB
4 2nd West Kent BB
4 76th London BB
3 11th East Surrey BB
3 1st Warley BB
3 3rd Bromley BB
3 4th London BB
2 13th Bromley BB
2 17th Waltham Forest BB
2 21st London BB
2 4th Sutton BB
2 92nd London BB
2 East Zone
1 11th Kingston and Merton BB
1 127th London BB
1 1st Cranham GB
1 1st Hillingdon BB/GA
1 1st Kenton BB
1 1st Orpington GB
1 1st Ruislip BB
1 1st Slough BB
1 2nd Uxbridge GB
1 5th London BB
1 62nd London BB
1 79th London BB
1 7th Mid Surrey BB
1 8th South Essex BB

Note that these counts include wins that involved associated groups - for example, a listing for 1st Enfield BB/Amicus includes wins for 1st Enfield BB only, 1st Enfield Amicus only and 1st Enfield BB/Amicus as a whole. The counts will be inaccurate where we are currently missing results listings.

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