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Company history for the year 1925

During 1925
Sidney J Lahee becomes 3rd Enfield Company Captain.

Thursday 1st January
The fifth anniversary of the loss of Mr T R Plowman.


An NCO proficiency certificate that was presented to L/Cpl Alfred Flack.

Wednesday 11th March
The 1st Enfield wins the Plowman Colours again at the Territorial Hall. The 3rd is second. Result: 1st - 1st Enfield (168), 2nd - 3rd Enfield (152), 3rd - 5th Enfield (91).

Thursday 30th April
The 35th Company Display: At the Display at the British Hall, Mrs T J Flynn (sister of Mr T R Plowman), unveils a memorial to her brother. The memorial takes form of a beautiful tablet in which is enclosed the old Battalion Colours, which the 3rd Enfield won 16 years in succession. When Major P W Leggatt presented the new Battalion Colours, the old Colours were presented to the 3rd and a portion of the staff was made into a walking stick which was presented to Mr T Plowman, the father of the late Captain.

Wednesday 6th May
The 1st Enfield wins the Devonshire Cup by beating the 14th West Kent with the test piece "Freedom". The 1st, however, loses the Daily Telegraph Shield competition.


A discharge certificate that was presented to Alfred Flack.

The Battalion Camp takes place at Felixstowe. Over 240 boys from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 10th Enfield Companies attend. The 3rd wins the football competition.

Thursday 10th December
The 3rd Enfield holds a social evening for about 40 parents. Captain Lahee speaks about the present form of the Company.

Monday 28th December
At a Company social, Mr Charles Chopping is presented with a gold watch as an appreciation of his work for the Company.

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