History - Year by year

Company history for the year 1983 - Centenary of The Boys' Brigade

During 1983

Logo for the London District Bugle Band, which is formed for the centenary year celebrations.

"Centy", the official mascot for the centenary, and the official BB centenary year logo, designed by David Cherry of the 46th London Company.

The 3rd Enfield Company.

Sunday 23rd January
The Company is presented with the Bergin Victory Cup at a United Bible Class at Edmonton Baptist Church.

Pte Steven Wakeford sings a solo rendition of the Anchor Song for The Boys' Brigade Official Centenary Album, "The Boys' Brigade Centenary Fanfare".

Sunday 20th March
The Enfield Battalion Centenary Church Parade is held at Christ Church. More than 900 people attend the service.

Friday 1st April

Tug of war at the Good Friday Sports Day.

Saturday 30th April
The centenary year Company Display takes place at Enfield Chace Lower School.

Thursday 12th May to Saturday 14th May
The Centenary London District Royal Albert Hall Display takes place.

Nearly 10000 boys take part in the Display. The Enfield Battalion puts on an item about the formation of the Scouts as a result of the Brownsea Island Camp. The item is called "We have started something". The Company also takes part in the London Bugle Band soloists in the finale. Steven Wakeford sings a solo of the Anchor Song. The West Kent Battalion performs an item about the first Daily Telegraph Shield competition, in which they salute the 3rd Enfield as the first winners of the competition.

The three above photos show the West Kent Battalion (mainly 2nd West Kent and 14th West Kent Companies). The item is the reconstruction of the very first Daily Telegraph final of 1906, which the 3rd Enfield not only took part in, but won. This means that West Kent pretended to be the 3rd Enfield Company of 1906! At the end of the item the West Kent parade saluted not only the 3rd Enfield with their rifle salute, but the thousands of other boys who had taken part in this all important competition since 1906. It was a rare occasion to see the West Kent Battalion acknowledge us!

The Enfield Battalion re-enacted the first Scout camp on Brownsea Island in 1907, as shown in these pictures.

Saturday 4th June
The North London/Enfield Battalion Centenary Display takes place at Picketts Lock Centre. The 3rd Enfield takes part in many of the items including Four Section Drill and the Bugle Band item.

The above three pictures show a traditional Indian club display, the old boys band and the opening parade.

Saturday 18th June
The Company takes part in the world record attempt for the world's largest marching band. The Brigade breaks the record at Avery Hill Park with 2117 bandsmen.

Summer Camp takes place in St Austell, Cornwall.

Saturday 2nd July
Four members of the Company (Mark Bullock, Alan Head, Martyn Stogden and Robert Wilson) take part in the Royal Review of The Boys' Brigade at Holyrood Park, next to Holyrood House, Edinburgh.

Royal Review with HM The Queen.

Saturday 9th July
London District holds a Centenary Day at the Copthall Stadium in Barnet.

Another edition of the London Band newsletter is produced.

August to September
The Company looks after 27 Caribbean members of the BB from Sint Maarten, Dutch West Indies, who are over for the centenary celebrations.

The first picture shows Tim Langhorn, and the second shows Rachel Wakeford, both with one of the guests.

Saturday 13th August to Saturday 20th August
Campus 83 Durham: Andrew Mason and Glen Hosford enjoy this week of organised activities at the University of Durham.

Saturday 20th August to Tuesday 30th August
The Centenary International Camp, Scone Place, Perth, Scotland: Andrew Mason and Glen Hosford take part in a very large and friendly international camp for the centenary celebrations.

Thursday 25th August to Tuesday 30th August
The main centenary celebrations, Glasgow: Officers, boys and friends of the Company make their way to Glasgow to enjoy many centenary celebrations. Many of the boys travel to Glasgow on a train named after the BB.

Programme for "Arena 83", a show put on by Glasgow Battalion at the Kelvin Hall Arena on 26th August.
The Company takes part in the Centenary Salute held at Ibrox Football Stadium (27th and 28th August), and provides the Enfield Battalion Colours (Stephen Hussey, Ashley Edwards and Martyn Stogden are the Colour Party). The Company boys take part in the 514 strong London District Bugle Band and the Sunday parade.

A picture of the Enfield boys who took part in the Centenary celebrations in Glasgow in August 1983, forming part of the London District Bugle Band.

The London District Bugle Band at Ibrox Park for the BB centenary celebrations, 27th August.

Programme for the Centenary Salute at Ibrox Stadium (27th August).

Ticket for the Centenary Salute (27th August).

Programme for the Centenary Thanksgiving Service at Ibrox Park, 28th August.

Everyone enjoys many different centenary events held during the five days.

Saturday 3rd September
The 3rd Enfield holds a Centenary Fete at Christ Church.

Sunday 25th September
The Company takes part in the London District Centenary Church Parade.

Tuesday 4th October
Centenary night on the 100th anniversary of the BB being formed (exactly 100 years since the first parade night of the 1st Glasgow): All Companies hold a special parade for parents and friends present, and the programme for the evening is meant to be identical for every Company up and down the country.

Friday 21st October to Sunday 27th November
The centenary year exhibition is held at Forty Hall, with most of the work being done by Andrew Mason.

Thursday 27th October
A centenary thanksgiving service is held at St Paul's Cathedral, and is attended by the Queen Mother. In the picture below, the fanfare team is made up of Enfield boys, mostly from the 1st and 3rd Enfield, with the Guard of Honour being from the 14th West Kent.

Programme for the thanksgiving service.

Sunday 30th October
The Enfield Battalion Founder's Day service takes place at Enfield Chace Lower School.

Saturday 12th November
A number of boys take part in the London District Bugle/Brass Band at the Lord Mayor's Show.

Saturday 26th November
The drummers undergo an 18 hour sponsored drum practice to raise cash for new band equipment.

The Boys' Brigade produces a Centenary Year in Pictures magazine.

Monday 26th December
The Company boys hold a Boxing Day football match against the old boys.

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