History - Captains & Chaplains

Company Founder

Mr Norris Storer Toms (3rd December 1890)

Company Captains

1890 to 1891 - Charles Coote
1891 to 1892 - Norris Storer Toms
1892 to 1916 - Thomas Room Plowman
1916 to 1917 - Charles Chopping (Honorary Captain: Thomas Room Plowman)
1917 to 1918 - Alfred L Winsley (Honorary Captain: Thomas Room Plowman)
1918 to 1920 - Thomas Room Plowman
1920 to 1921 - Alfred L Winsley
1921 to 1925 - Charles Chopping
1925 to 1928 - Sydney J Lahee
1928 - Charles Chopping
1928 to 1931 - Alfred L Winsley
1931 to 1935 - Harold J Dye
1935 to 1945 - Frank W Head
1945 to 1950 - William R Pinner
1950 to 1958 - Jack Hoskens
1958 to 1972 - Ronald W Langhorn
1973 to 1978 - Bernard Barwick
1978 to 1988 - Terry Silvey
1988 to 2001 - Andrew Mason
2001 to 2006 - Chris Sanders
2007 to 2010 - No Captain (Officer in Charge: Adrian Bullock)
2010 to present - No Captain (Officer in Charge: Tom Boorman)

Facts about previous Captains of the 3rd Enfield

Thomas Plowman was the manager of the family business, The Plowman Brickyard, situated in Tottenham and Peterborough.
There is a road in Edmonton named after the Plowman family (see the location here).
Alfred L Winsley worked in the Railway Office in Stafford.
Charles Chopping worked as foreman and machinist at Fairheads.
Sydney Lahee worked in a railway office.
Bob Pinner worked in the London Transport Garage.
Frank Head worked initially at a petrol station, and later in life he had a job with the Kodak Film Conventions.
Harold J Dye worked in several different types of children's homes, remand homes and old people's homes.

The passing of the Captains

Thomas Plowman died on 1st January 1920.
Norris Storer Toms died in 1938.
Sydney Lahee died on 18th March 1956.
Charles Chopping died on 22nd March 1966.
Frank W Head died on 4th January 1970.
William R Pinner died on 7th March 1975.
Harold J Dye died in February 1993.
Ron Langhorn died in April 2004.

Company Chaplains

1865 to 1905 - Revd H Storer Toms
1906 to 1913 - Revd John George James
1916 to 1946 - Revd Ebenezer Rees
1947 to 1960 - Revd Leonard T Towers
1960 to 1965 - Revd R Vivian Buddle
1965 to 1979 - Revd Kenneth F Faulkner
1980 to 1987 - Revd Roy Martin
1988 to 1993 - Revd Adrian J Bulley
2004 to 2013 - Revd David Atkinson
2015 to 2017 - Revd Henriette Wentink
2018 to present - Revd Mark Meatcher

Company Presidents

2004 to 2008 - Bill Hutchings

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From Friday 24th to Monday 27th May a group of boys from the 3rd Enfield joined with around 280 young people and leaders from across England and Wales for Unite at Felden Lodge.
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3rd Enfield Annual Awards Evening

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On Monday 20th May we held our Annual Awards Evening in the hall at Christ Church.
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Trip to Chessington World of Adventures

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On Saturday 18th May members of the 3rd Enfield's Anchors and Juniors were part of a group of around 50 people from around North London who went on a trip to Chessington World of Adventures.
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North London Football Academy

Added on 6th June 2019

On Saturday 27th April members of the 3rd Enfield took part in the North London Football Academy event at Enfield Rangers FC.
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