Frank Head Trophy

Frank William Head was born on 8th December 1903, and went to Enfield Grammar School. He joined the Company in 1915 as a boy and later became a leader in the Company. Then in June 1934 he left the district, and as a token of appreciation for all the work he had done for the Company he was presented with a silver cigarette box. In his new home he took up a commission in the 11th West Kent Company, but he only stayed for a small amount of time and soon returned to Enfield and the 3rd Enfield. Then in November 1935, Frank became Captain of the 3rd Enfield. For ten years he was Captain and guided it through its Golden Jubilee (1939/40) and the war years. He was able to score many notable successes including two Daily Telegraph Shield victories – 1940 and 1943, and winning the Bergin Victory Cup. He finally left the Company in 1945, and he was presented with a barometer as a token of respect for the work he had done for the Company, especially during the war years.

On 3rd September 1948 he became Captain of the 1st New Barnet Company. During his term he led them to five victories in the Daily Telegraph Shield competition (1951, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956), often against the 1st Enfield. He left the Company in June 1956 and the 1st New Barnet never won the Daily Telegraph Shield for drill again. In March 1963 Frank was the judge for the qualifying round of the Daily Telegraph Shield. Frank died on the 4th January 1970 at Newmarket General Hospital at the age of 66 following an illness, the beginnings of which went back a number of years. Frank spent his last days at Cheveley, Newmarket.

He was an outstanding man who had devoted the main part of his life to the service of young people, and especially boys, becoming to them not only Captain and friend but father and guide. In his business he was a well loved secretary and for 15 years he was the secretary of the Association of Photographic Finishers. The boys of the Company were often been asked to help out at the Annual Dinner of the Wholesale Photographic Finishers Societies, usually held every November. In 1971, at one of these social functions a trophy was presented to the Company, it was engraved “The Frank Head Trophy”. The leaders of the Company proposed the rules on which this trophy should be presented annually – “for general efficiency in Company work and interests with a special emphasis on drill”. Since 1971 the trophy has been awarded annually in compliance with the rule above.

1982 – Sgt G Hosford
1983 – Sgt M Stogden
1984 – Sgt A Head
1985 – Sgt M Parker
1986 – Sgt M Pollard
1989 – Sgt M Willis
1990 – Sgt M Silvey
1991 – Sgt D Waite
1992 – Sgt J Knott
1993 – Cpl S Stokes
1996 – L/Cpl D Spence
1997 – Sgt A Freer
1998 – Cpl A Bullock
1999 – Sgt A Bullock
2000 – Not awarded
2001 – L/Cpl T Boorman
2003 – Not awarded
2004 – Cpl T Killey
2005 – L/Cpl M Hadden
2006 – Sgt R Gardner
2007 – Pte C Collins-O’Connor
2008 – Pte S Rowsell
2009 – Sgt J Newport
2010 – S/Sgt J Newport
2011 – Pte L Mogaji
2012 – Sgt C Collins-O’Connor
2013 – Pte M Magona
2014 – Pte M Magona
2015 – L/Cpl A Smith
2016 – Cpl M Magona
2017 – Pte S Bowden
2018 – Pte J Purnell
2019 – Pte F George
2020 – Cpl J McDonald
2021 – Sgt J Purnell
2022 – L/Cpl I Knights
2023 – Pte A Ednie
2024 – Pte A Ednie

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