1983 – Main centenary celebrations

The main centenary celebrations take place in Glasgow. Officers, boys and friends of the 3rd Enfield make their way to Glasgow to enjoy five days of events. Many of the boys travel to Glasgow on a train named after The Boys’ Brigade.

The below photo shows members of Enfield Battalion who took part in the celebrations.

On Thursday 25th, Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August, Glasgow Battalion puts on a show called “Arena ’83” at Kelvin Hall Arena.

The 3rd Enfield takes part in the Centenary Salute held at Ibrox Stadium on Saturday 27th August, and provides the Enfield Battalion Colours (Stephen Hussey, Ashley Edwards and Martyn Stogden are the Colour Party). The Company is part of the 514 strong London District Bugle Band.

3rd Enfield members are also present for the Centenary Thanksgiving Service at Ibrox Stadium on Sunday 28th August.