Celebrating 140 Years

Over the last couple of weeks all of our age groups have been celebrating 140 years of The Boys’ Brigade, which began in Glasgow on 4th October 1883.

At the 3rd Enfield we are proud to have been a part of the organisation for nearly 133 of those 140 years, and give thanks for all those who have been or are a part of our journey!

On Monday 2nd October (the Monday evening closest to the anniversary) all of our age groups had the opportunity to learn a bit more about our organisation and its 140-year history.

140 Monopoly Challenge (Company & Seniors): On Saturday 30th September our older lads took part in the Brigade’s 140 Monopoly Challenge in London, with similar events running concurrently in Glasgow, Manchester and Aberdeen.

Over 700 young people and leaders in 140 teams took part across the four locations, with 36 of those teams taking part in London (two of them from the 3rd). Starting at the Joy of Life Fountain in Hyde Park, they had five hours to visit as many locations on the Monopoly board as possible, as well as some additional challenges including a selfie with a police officer, visiting Big Ben at exactly 1:40pm, the whole team off the ground, and more.

The challenge finished at Wesley’s Chapel and shortly afterwards the results were announced, with our A team coming 34th and our B team 4th overall. Well done to all who took part!

Anchors 140 Challenge: On Monday 2nd October our youngest members took part in the Anchors 140 Challenge, which involves children trying to create the number ‘140’ in the most creative way possible. Our boys did so by constructing models out of Lego!

Juniors 140 Sleepover: Over the weekend of 7th and 8th October, nearly 2,000 Juniors in over 100 locations across the country took part in the Juniors 140 Sleepover. We joined together with our friends from 1st and 2nd Enfield for a joint sleepover at the Armfield Road Hall (1st Enfield HQ).

During our time together the boys got involved in activities including a pizza party, Minute to Win It challenges, toasting marshmallows, a ‘sleeping bag prayer’, enjoying a film, games and more.

It was great also to participate in an online gathering on the Saturday evening, which brought many of the groups together and saw a big check in take place, as well as some on the spot challenges and learning a card trick and hearing a Christian message from magician Paul Brown.

Following breakfast on the Sunday morning we returned to Christ Church to join with our other age groups and the church congregation for our Enrolment Service.

Commemorative Badge: All of our members who took part in the celebrations will receive a special commemorative badge for their respective activity, as an additional way of remembering a significant milestone in our organisation’s history. We’d like to say a big thank you to all those who made the activities happen!

Check out some photos from the various activities below…