History – 1900s

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During 1900

The below shows the 3rd Enfield Drum and Fife Band in Chase Side, before houses were built.


The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Enfield help with the inauguration of a new Company at a display at the central hall of the Alma Road Board School. A display of bugle calls, Company Drill, Ambulance Drill and dumb bell exercises is given.


The annual inspection and entertainment evening of the 3rd Enfield takes place in the Lecture Hall; 50 Officers and boys are on parade. The evening includes piano solos, sing songs and a lantern show of camp life by Lt N Toms and Lt Marlow.

Thursday 29th March

A public meeting and demonstration is held at the Bycullah Athenaeum, Enfield. A parade of 200 marches from the market place to the Bycullah Athenaeum. The 3rd Enfield contributes to the programme with a display of Bayonet Drill.

Friday 27th April

The 3rd Enfield gives a display of Bayonet Drill at the Queen’s Hall.


The Summer Camp takes place in Lowestoft; it is the first year under canvas.


Monday 18th February

A concert is held in aid of camp funds.

Sunday 5th May

The largest Church Parade to date is held, with two new Companies joining the United Enfield Companies. They parade from the Market Place.

Friday 10th May

A combined team of 74 boys from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Enfield gives a display of bayonet exercises, as the first item of the first Royal Albert Hall Display.


Summer Camp takes place in Felixstowe.


Monday 19th May

The first Battalion Inspection takes place on Whit Monday. The 3rd Enfield wins the Drill competition for the first time, by 16 points.

Saturday 2nd August to Saturday 9th August

The first real Battalion camp takes place in Felixstowe.


Mr Norris Storer Toms leaves the 3rd Enfield, which he founded, but he still writes newspaper reports on The Boys’ Brigade.

Monday 3rd November

Lt Eachus returns from the Boer War to an annual mess of NCOs and Officers of the Battalion at the headquarters in Lancaster Road. He shows many things he has gained from his visit to South Africa.

Sunday 16th November

The inaugural 1st and 3rd Enfield Church Parade takes place at Christ Church Hall, Lancaster Road. 116 are on parade. The Companies meet at the Lecture Hall on Chase Side and march to Lancaster Road.


During 1903

The below photo shows the 3rd Enfield football team for 1903-1904.

During 1903

The below photo shows the 3rd Enfield Colour Party. Shown are an unknown boy, Bray, Mr F J Tucker, Bell, an unknown boy.

During 1903

The below photo shows single stick drill with Robert Plowman.

Friday 13th March

New Battalion Colours are presented by Mr Hardman of the 2nd Enfield.

Thursday 19th March

A concert takes place at Bycullah Athenaeum in aid of Battalion funds for camp, with many interesting songs.

Friday 17th April

Lieutenant Randall leaves Enfield and the 3rd Enfield to live in Ipswich.

Friday 8th May

Major General R S Baden Powell CB occupies the chair at the Royal Albert Hall Display. Below is the programme from the event.

Monday 1st June

The annual Whit Monday Inspection and Sports takes place at the Enfield Town Park, including the first inter-Company competition for the Battalion Colours (the Hardman Colours).

The Battalion Colours consist of a silk flag with the Union Flag in the corner and the anchor of The Boys’ Brigade in the centre, with the name of the Battalion worked on a blue background. The 3rd Enfield wins the competition with 259 points to the 1st Enfield 248 points. The judge for the competition is Major Moffatt. The 3rd also wins the Sports Cup.

At this Whit Monday event the wearing of coloured ties is introduced by the Companies. The 1st Enfield has blue ties, the 2nd Enfield has yellow ties and the 3rd Enfield has red ties.

Wednesday 10th June

The annual Sing Song takes place at the School Hall, Chase Side. It includes celebrations of the Colours and Sports Cup victories.

Plowman’s Song
How the good old 3rd did peg away, buck up red peg away;
The colours they prepared to bear away;
To win them for the ‘red’;
Cavalry right, they practised every night, double up to the right;
Till with column of sections and marching smart;
The Colours won the good old 3rd.


Summer Camp is held in Clacton.

Saturday 26th September

The annual Council takes place at Mr Hardman’s house. Mr R L Plowman becomes a Lieutenant.

Tuesday 3rd November

The 3rd Enfield is featured in the BB Gazette as winners of the Enfield Battalion Colours and the Sports Silver Challenge Cup.

Sunday 22nd November

The annual Church Parade of the 1st and 3rd Enfield takes place at Christ Church Hall.


During 1904

The Boys’ Brigade has a medal called the “Cross for Heroism”, which is awarded to young people who perform brave deeds. The 1st Enfield has one of these medals gained by one of its members in 1904.

Private James Conway is swimming with his younger brother in the River Lea when he notices his brother is in difficulty. James swims to his rescue and manages to get near enough to the edge for his father to seize hold of the younger boy’s hand and pull him to safety. However, James is now exhausted and falls back into deep water and is drowned. Because of his keenness and loyalty to the BB the parents request that the Company should keep the medal as a memorial to their son’s bravery.

During 1904

The below photos show the Drum and Fife Band.

During 1904

The below photos show the 3rd Enfield in 1904 – first the whole Company, second the NCOs and Officers.

During 1904

The below photo shows the 3rd Enfield gymnastics team for 1904-1905.

Wednesday 6th January

Below is an NCO appointment certificate that is presented to Fred Motts.


The 3rd Enfield wins the Newth Football Challenge Shield, gaining 18 points out of a possible 20.

Monday 23rd May

The Whit Monday Inspection and Sports takes place. The Sports Cup is won by the 3rd Enfield whilst the 1st Enfield wins the Colours competition.

Wednesday 15th June

The annual Sing Song and tea takes place at the School Hall, Chase Side. The boys celebrate their Sports Cup victory.

Saturday 30th July to Sunday 7th August

The Enfield Battalion Summer Camp takes place in Clacton.


During 1905

The first photo below shows the Officers and NCOs in 1905. The Company is the London District Drill champions, winning the Meares Colours, which is the flag in the background. This is the last year of the competition; the Daily Telegraph Shield would be started the following year. Lt Chas Chopping is the Officer on the left hand side. Captain Thomas Plowman is in the middle, behind the Cup with Lt Alfred Winsley on his right hand side. Lionel Plowman is the Officer on the right hand side.

The second photo below shows the whole of the 3rd Enfield, again as London District Drill champions (Meares Colours).

During 1905

The below photo shows the 3rd Enfield gymnastics pyramid squad during 1905.

During 1905

The below photo shows the 3rd Enfield football team during 1905.